Vision and Values

Jesus, Community Mission

The purpose of every church, according to Matthew 28, is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus.

What is a disciple? A disciple is simply a learner. Specifically, a Christian disciple is a person who has trusted Christ for salvation and who is learning to follow Jesus in every aspect of their life.

Therefore, Redemption Church exists to saturate the world with the gospel of Jesus so that everyone might become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. How do we fully devote ourselves? Most simply: Jesus, Community, Mission. These are the three pillars in the life of every disciple of Jesus.

The foundational and most important pillar is Jesus. Jesus determines our course and clearly defines our target. The gospel is the truth that Jesus came to glorify God by saving sinners. Those who Jesus saves, he also calls to become more and more like him. As we go deeper into Christ and His gospel, we grow in His likeness and image. We never graduate from a deepening dependency on Jesus.

So, when we think about community and mission, we understand that our belief in Jesus should radically transform the way we see our lives and our purpose. That is to say that right belief in Jesus leads to deeper community and love among believers and to greater pursuit and care for those who do not yet know him.

These values shape the way we structure the church. So we gather as God’s people on Sunday mornings and in Community Groups, and we scatter as missionaries in the regular rhythms of life throughout the week.

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